Yishun Executive Condomium at Northpoint Launching Soon Near to Yishun Shopping Centre

Yishun Executive Condomium is a luxury condominium development that offers residents an exclusive and comfortable lifestyle in the heart of Singapore. This project is located at the heart of Singapore, within the exclusive Yishun District. Yishun Executive Condomium offers residents a range of facilities and amenities including exceptional cuisine, state-of-the art fitness centre and pool, car parking, gated entrance, clubhouse lounge, valet parking, Wi-Fi access, round-the-clock security and maintenance services, and more. The Yishun Executive condos have been designed to ensure that all residents are given a premium experience when it comes to lifestyle choices.

The Hillhaven Yishun Executive Condomium is located conveniently at the corner of Yishun Town. It is also only minutes away from the Yishun Integrated Hub and Yishun Northpoint. Yishun Executive Condomium is in close proximity to high-class shopping malls such as the Northpoint.

Located within walking distance of many popular nightspots, the Yishun Executive offers its residents the option of indulging in their favourite activities amidst the beautiful scenery. Yishun Executive Condomium is also near Yishun Central and the major commercial centres of the country. The apartment is close enough to the mall that shoppers can get there before heading out of the mall in the morning.

The gym and fitness centre of Yishun Executive offers residents the opportunity to exercise whenever they want. In addition, the gym offers convenient classes, training programs, and sessions for beginners and expert athletes on several days of the week. Some residents choose this apartment over other ones primarily because it is located close to popular nightspots. Additionally, it has a swimming pool and an indoor basketball court.

The Yishun Executive condos are a relatively small size and have about 400 square feet of living space. This size limits the number of residents who can live in one unit but it is a perfect place for long term accommodation. Most Yishun Executive Condomium units have one bedroom and one bathroom; the apartments have a single bathroom and one bedroom. A swimming pool and a fitness centre are included in the apartment package.

When you rent the Yishun Executive condos, you have all the amenities of home including two swimming pools, a heated swimming pool, a gym, a fitness centre and a restaurant. The Yishun Company operates the Yishun Executive out of their Singapore offices. The company conducts most of their business transactions through this office. Residents of the condominium can contact Yishun to plan a stay at the Yishun Executive condominium.

Yishun Executive Condomium provides its residents with a monthly maintenance package. Monthly services include garden care, landscape maintenance, monthly cleaning of shared spaces and landscaping. The Yishun Executive also provides residents with concierge services. The Yishun Executive offers all of the comforts of home including car access. Residents can use a shuttle service to get around the area.

Yishun offers two kinds of living options – deluxe living and premier living. With the deluxe living option, you get additional facilities such as a car valet service and an on-site concierge. With Premier Living you get additional living space, larger bathrooms, and deluxe kitchens with gas stoves and refrigerators. Both of these living options are fully furnished and come with air conditioning systems, security systems and elevators. There are also shuttle services between the Yishun Executive Condominium and the rest of the Yishun Park Village.

Most Yishun Park Village residents live in units that have two bedrooms and two or more bathrooms. The living areas are fully equipped with telephones, televisions, microwaves and dishwashers. Other facilities include a library, a game room, a pool table, and meeting rooms.

The Yishun Executive Condo has two restaurants. The Yishun Plaza is on Yishun Park Way and offers special events such as weekly musical concerts. The Yishun Corner Market is a corner eating house where residents can enjoy freshly prepared food. Several Yishun condos also have a daycare. Other facilities include a gym and a community center with a library.

The Yishun Executive offers a wide range of services to make your stay comfortable and convenient. They offer a number of different rooms to choose from including deluxe suites, executive suites, super luxury suites, studio suites and economy suites. The hotel boasts many amenities such as meeting rooms, business center, library, restaurant and bar. They also provide many services including laundry, doctor on call, dry cleaning, spa facilities, health club, beauty salon, meeting rooms, travel desk, and much more. All of these services to ensure that you have a wonderful stay.

Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun Executive has a very prestigious reputation within Singapore as it has been open in the area for over thirty years. It has won many awards for its design and hospitality. The building is fully equipped with Western-style kitchens. Every room has a minibar and air conditioning during the hot summer months.

The Yishun Executive has many relaxing features such as indoor and outdoor pool, fitness centre, health club, cardiology, chiropractic centre, beauty parlor, 24 hour room service and many more. Many hotels do not offer all this at one place. The Yishun also offers high speed internet at any time of the day. There are also many exciting activities on offer at the Yishun.

The staff at the Yishun is very accommodating. They are always willing to help customers feel relaxed and comfortable. There is no discrimination here. There are no racial discrimination or prejudice. The hotel has five restaurants to choose from, so no matter what your taste, you will find something to eat at the Yishun Executive Condomium.


From the Yishun Executive Condomium you can take a taxi to the Yishun Shopping Centre and then walk the short distance to the Night Markets. Here you will find many popular stores for clothing, jewelry, shoes and many other things. Night markets are a great place to find some local trinkets and gifts. There is also a food court inside the Yishun where you can find some scrumptious Thai and Chinese delicacies.

Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun MRT Station is part of the integrated transport hub known as Yishun Shopping Centre. This centre is built along the lines of the famous Raffles Shopping Complex. The Yishun MRT Station is located right next to the Yishun Shopping Complex. The centre is comprised of a new international mall and several high profile stores. It also includes a brand new Yishun Leisure Park, which is home to a series of theme parks and entertainment centres.

Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun MRT Station is one of the most heavily used stations in the whole Singapore, despite its relatively compact location. The whole area has been developed and planned well, so that the convenience of residents in the area can be experienced without any complaints. The centre is served by the Singtel MRT, through a dedicated Singapore rail link. Residents in the Yishun area will have easy access to the rest of the Singapore city through the Singapore rail network.

Another unique aspect of Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun MRT Station is the bus interchange station. Located at the corner of Beypang Road and Chia Garden Road, the bus interchange station provides easy access to both the Yishun MRT Station and Northpoint. Bus passengers can simply get onto the bus at the station and then hop on the Chia Garden Road bus to reach their desired destinations. Residents in the Yishun area will benefit from the various bus services to get to their work places, shopping centres, education centres, as well as healthcare facilities.

The shopping area in the Yishun MRT Station is among the best malls in the whole city centre. There are numerous departmental stores, specialty shops, supermarkets, and hawkers just waiting to serve the shoppers with their many products. There is an abundance of different hotels in the vicinity, offering easy access to various kinds of accommodation for visitors. There are also several hotels providing excellent quality of amenities to residents.

Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun MRT Station is the biggest and the most efficient bus terminal in the country. The Singar City Centre is the business district of Singapore, and is home to various major multinational companies and international banks. The shopping centres and the leisure facilities in the centre make it a popular residential destination for foreigners and expats. The Yishun Integrated Development Scheme (IIDS) has made this centre extremely convenient and accessible for its residents and tourists. There is an IIDS bus terminal located in the centre, which makes daily getaway very easy for visitors.

Yishun Executive Condomium Yishun MRT Station is the northernmost of all the train stations in Singapore, which will take you to the island of J Legends. The Bukit Timah is one of the oldest areas in the city, which is known for its picturesque scenery and a wide array of attractions like the Shilong Loh, the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Sentosa Sands. The Bukit Timah is one of the oldest parts of the city, and many old houses still remain that were constructed during the colonial period of the early Singapore years. One can easily spend a full day enjoying the local culture of the area, while going about the bustling shopping streets. A trip to the Bukit Timah or the Yishun MRT Station would not be complete without a stop at one of the many international shopping centres around the area, like the Maxanga and the Oxford Street.

Apart from the convenience that the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub offers to its residents, Yishun Executive Condomium is also located within easy access of the Singapore Exchange and the Penang International Airport. The transit and accommodation facilities available here are quite efficient, and you can even avail of the Singapore International Bus Interchange (IB Bus) service between the Yishun and the Singapore Flyer Bus Terminus every day. You can travel to Singapore in a relaxed and comfortable way, thanks to the various public transport options available here. If you need more information on how to get to this world-class city centre, or if you want to explore more about the various places located within easy access of the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, you can consult any of the reputable travel agents and get information on the various hotels here.

Another attraction in Northpoint City Mall is the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Located next door is the Singapore Zoo. This shopping centre is also the host of the annual Flower Show, which is held during the month of July. A great feature of this country club mall is its proximity to the Yishun MRT Station.

Yishun Executive Condomium residents of Northpoint enjoy easy access to the rest of the city and the entertainment and night life in the east of Singapore. The residents of Northpoint are a little behind the technology of the other areas in the country but they are still able to have their share of fun and enjoyment with the various shopping and entertainment options that they have at hand. The residents of Northpoint City Shopping Centre are still enjoying the benefits of an integrated transport hub and they get to enjoy their shopping at one of the best places in the country. Yishun Executive Condomium residents get easy access to the rest of the country and they have their own mini town centre right next to the MRT Station and the bus terminal.

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