The Midwood Hillview Rise Located at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by Hong Leong Holdings

The Midwood Hillview Rise Located at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by Hong Leong Holdings
The Midwood Hillview Rise Located at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by Hong Leong Holdings

The Midwood is a new development by Hong Leong Holdings at Hillview Rise. Because of the lack of residential space available for development, Midwood is hotly contested. The Midwood Hong Leong was awarded due to the price and concept of Revenue tender. It is not awarded just because it is based on price alone, but it is also awarded because of other factors such as improving the immediate area’s social amenities. The development of Midwood is located in the quiet neighbourhood of Hillview and is a short distance from Hillview MRT Station. The Midwood Hillview Avenue is located in the amusing area of Hillview Rise too, where there are many greeneries available to have a pleasant lifestyle. A unique and satisfying living experience is waiting for you at The Midwood at Hillview Rise.

The Midwood Hillview MRT Station has all satisfying, unique, and pleasing facilities, including a clubhouse, indoor gym, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits, function room, tennis court, children’s playground, and guard house. The condo’s facilities provide full satisfaction for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and satisfying lifestyle right in the heart of Hillview.

The Midwood Hillview Rise Located at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by Hong Leong Holdings

The Midwood Hillview Condo is located near Hillview and Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, where a large number of outdoor families are available for residents to spend some pleasant and quality time with their family. The Midwood Hillview Rise will be reachable with the current Hillview MRT Station on the Downtown Line that directly takes you to the metropolis. Along Hillview Rise, Dairy Farm Road, and Hillview Avenue, several buses are available for owners who are taking buses. The Midwood Condo is also located right next to Upper Bukit Timah Road, for owners who are travelling to the city.

The Midwood Condo is also wisely located with many shopping centres and elite schools such as Saint Francis Methodist School, CHIJ (Our Lady Queen of Peace), and German European School Singapore (GESS) are also near to the Midwood Singapore.

Midwood Condo Site Plan consists of many different facilities for you. Some of the facilities are like that the families are no need to travel to other places for swimming tuition classes because this can be conducted at the comfort of their own home, moreover, there are also some facilities including a full-sized swimming pool located at the centre of the development so that Midwood where can enjoy a leisure and pleasant swim at the comfort of their own home.

Midtown Hong Leong site plan also gives you the facilities of an air-conditioned gym, children’s playground, and also features BBQ pits.

Midtown Site Plan also gives you the amazing facility of a spacious and fabulous function room, which is very pleasant and essential for the families with kids as well. It is essential because in this spacious function room you can arrange birthday parties and you can also invite your relatives and friends as well as food catering which can be hosted at the function room, which will be very convenient and pleasant at the comfort of your own home.

Midwood Condo at Hillview Area Perfect for Investors

In summary, the Midwood Site Plan features satisfying and fantastic facilities for buyers looking for a development for their own stay.

Midwood Floor Plans is not yet available yet, but it will be available soon. Midwood Floor Plans will feature pleasant and luxury 3 bedrooms, which are perfect and comfortable for bigger families, moreover there are also 4 bedrooms for multiple generations.

Different layouts will be introduced to serve or facilitate different Byers who are searching for the development in the Hillview area. Midwood Floor Plans will facilitate the buyers by a 1 bedroom layout which would be perfect for those buyers who are searching for investment for the small development. Midwood would be perfect or ideal for those investors who are looking for a small unit for their own stay, moreover, Midwood Floor Plans are also giving the facility of 3 bedrooms to those buyers who are looking for an ideal and convenient place for their own stay, the Hong Leong Group have designed the floor plans like this because the developer knows that the buyers are searching for bigger units for the peaceful or comfortable living.

Midwood is also giving the facility of the showflat for the satisfaction of the buyers. Midwood Showflat is also facilitating buyers by featuring the furniture, lightnings and wallpaper that may or may not come with the actual unit. The furniture would be like coffee tables and the sofas which are placed at the Midwood Showflat so that the buyers will feel comfort and satisfaction. Midtown Showflat is also facilitating buyers with the fittings such as bedroom wardrobes, flooring and kitchen cabinets as well, there would also be some electrical appliances such as oven, that come with the actual unit.

In 1961 the Hong Leong Group was described as a small and medium company, but today in the Singapore’s financial company the Hong Leong Finance Limited is the largest one. Today the Hong Leong group is the leading owner of the largest hotels in Singapore, it owns more than 150 hotels having 36000 rooms in more than 20 countries all over the world. The majority recommend or choose their hotels because in these hotel they gets businesses, top standard and the most the most important is the leisure.

It also provides the facilities to the potential customers that they can borrow loans, can do savings and can also make deposits because it has more than 28 networked financial branches. The theme was to help medium and small companies to expand their businesses overseas. The Hong Leong Group is giving this all facilities to the small companies because this group is also involved in giving boosts to other companies. There are also other new launches within the vicinity.

There are different branches of Hong Leong Group which are working or operating in different countries all around the world. Among these countries there is the Hong Leong Asia Ltd which was based in China, which initially began as a building material supplier but overtime it explored more markets because most of its markets are overseas. From the humble beginning of Hong Leong Group to being an international company serving different continents, this company has beaten a milestone.

Apart from the building materials, Hong Leong Asia Ltd is today involved in other businesses which are are Manufacturing and distributing air –conditioning system, Manufacturing industrial packaging products,and Manufacturing and distributing diesel Engines.

Hillview Avenue is where The Midwood is located at. Hillview Rise located at Hillview Avenue near The Midwood Hong Leong Group has traditionally been one of the highly sought after real estate neighbourhoods in Singapore.Singapore has always very crowded and in a fast-paced environment that’s why Hillview Avenue and Hillview Rise provide the perfect location for families to unwind after their work accompanied by nature and fresh air every day because there is plenty of nature and greeneries available for the residents to relax. This area has been the coveted area to live as it is located near Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok.

Midtown Showflat and Midtown Hong Leong will come with different layout and different facing respectively so that the buyers can make a more informed and suitable decision. Midtown Showflat is also giving the facility of different layouts so that the buyer can decide which developer furnishing is better for their comfortable living.

Midwood Condo will also facilitate and secure you by the Smart Security System.

Hong Leong Group Developer for Midwood Hillview Rise

Hong Leong crew is a worldwide corporation which is in Singapore. Hong Leong Group is one of the popular real estate property developer and one of Singapore’s largest companies. The Hong Leong owns industrial space, retail and residential space in which they do their daily businesses. The accumulated gross assets of Hong Leong Group are currently worth over $40 billion. The following are the investment activities Hong Leong Group gets involved in their latest project :

In early 1960, Hong Leong Group established the opportunities which were related to the business, and this group identified this opportunity earlier than the real estate programs were not begun by the government. Currently, more than 8million square feet is owned by Hong Leong Group on which offices are built for rent, this all didn’t happen overnight, but it took a lot of hardwork to transform until this company became a giant company, especially in the stock exchange market.

Hillview Avenue presents the perfect area as this would mean residents do not have to travel far out to gather for drinks or groceries. Hillview Avenue also offers a touch of Singapore History as the historic railway and other monuments are located near Hillview Avenue.

hillV2 is in the quiet neighbourhood of Hillview Rise. hillV2 Shopping Centre is located next to Hillview MRT Station hillV2 Shopping Centre facilitates their residents an exclusive dining experience and grocery shopping combined under the 2 levels of the retail podium levels that also feature upscale pubs and fashion outlets.

For the people(residents) living around the Hillview area, hillV2 Shopping Centre serves as the main shopping centre; for the residents, it also gives the facility of an upmarket retail experience.

hillV2 Shopping Centre at Hillview MRT Station

Some of the nearby clubs to the Midwood Hillview include Temasek Club, Warren Golf Marina Gardens Condo & Country Club, Swiss Club Singapore, The British Club, Hollandse Club, and The Singapore Island Country Club, from The Midwood Hillview Rise, these clubs are just a short drive away via Bukit Timah Road, Pan Island Expressway (PIE), as well as Upper Bukit Timah Road are making it easy to reach to these clubs because after their work these are the perfect places to gather.

Finding the developments that are located near to schools and educational institutions is one of the essential things in real estate. That’s why the Midwood development is near to the schools where the children use to go every day. Midwood has given this facility so that children would reach the schools in less time, it is also significantly safer for the children to travel to the school by themselves.

The schools located near to Midwood Condo are nearby Bukit Timah area, Bukit Batok, and Hillview Avenue. Some of the schools include Chua Chu Kang Primary School, Swiss School in Singapore, South View Primary School, Chua Chu Kang Secondary, Teck Whye Secondary School, Zhenghua Secondary School, etc.

There are also beauty spas and fitness center at hillV2 Shopping Centre. . The fitness and spas centre are located right in the heart of Hillview. The hillV2 Shopping Centre is providing these facilities to the residents to relax them after a day’s work.

Within the vicinity, hillV2 Shopping Centre is located next to many of the new private condo developments. hillV2 Shopping Centre is easily accessible via Hillview MRT Station as well as Bukit Timah Road.

An excellent and unique lifestyle is waiting for you at The Midwood right in Hillview Rise’s heart at Hillview Avenue. For more information, please see The Midwood site plan and floor plans.

The Rail Mall is located in the Hillview District near Hillview Rise and Hillview Avenue, it is an iconic shopping center. The Rail Mall is easily accessible via Hillview MRT Station as well as Upper Bukit Timah Road.

At The Rail Mall Car parking is free, and therefore this makes it one of the most convenient places to catch up with your friends for The Midwood residents around the Hillview area. The Rail Mail combines a touch of classic contemporary settings.

Many anchor tenants are located at The Rail Mall, which makes it one of the best places to visit to get your necessities and meal. Some of the anchor tenants include Cold Storage Supermarket as well as Subway and Cedele. If you ar looking for an iconic wildlife conservatory location, outdoor exercise or a leisure wald and hiking trials at one place then Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the best chosice for you.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is best place for hiking lovers because at this place some of the trials can be as high as 163m for the more experienced hikers while there are also entry level leisure routes available for the beginner. The nature lovers who prefer to explore or exercise via cycles so there are also bicycle trails for them. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve also has the Eco-Link that encourages wild-life.

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