Tengah EC Near to Central Business District Smart Living Community

Tengah EC, formerly known as Executive Condominiums is an up and coming luxury real estate development in Central Business District (CBD). The area of Tengah EC is rapidly developing as a premier business and investment destination in Singapore. With its location next to major business and shopping districts, the Tengah project aims at making an executive live like a kingpin. Tengah EC is already home to five luxury residential communities and several high-rise tower projects.

Tengah is distinguished from other executive condominiums by its use of eco-friendly sustainable building design, which makes it a “green city” in the eyes of many green advocates. Tengah also plans to implement many green features in its buildings and landscape. For instance, the common ground of residents and developers is shared by the common goal of minimizing landfill use. Residents will enjoy additional amenities such as bike paths, green spaces, boat slips, public park and walking trails. Furthermore, the Tengah EC residents will be very proud to have access to the National Parks, such as Raffles Rowing Club Park and the Glass House Mountains.

Tengah EC brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘smart living.’ The community provides residents with a smart lifestyle experience with many green features like active residents, high-tech gated communities, club houses, and fitness centers. Tengah also offers residents many green features, such as: green roofs, solar roof panels, water conserving units, rainwater collection systems, wood pellet burning stoves, and geothermal heating. Furthermore, the Tengah community is fully furnished and ready for the enjoyment of its residents.

In terms of environment and protection, Tengah is just perfect for smart residents. Located in a protected ecological zone, the community’s environmental resources are protected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This means that Tengah residents and companies can ensure that the local area is free from harmful substances and that no industrial emissions are released into the local air and water, contributing to the depletion of the Feng Shui rainwater.

A sustainable town also needs to respect nature. Tengah welcomes nature lovers and has set up several green areas within the town center. Rainwater collection systems draw out and store rainwater, which is used for agricultural and communal purposes. Geothermal heating heats up water in the community’s homes and is an eco-friendly way to heat water. To protect the environment and promote biodiversity, Tengah EC has installed many nature-friendly features, such as: solar heating systems, rainwater collection systems, and garden lighting.

Another major advantage to Tengah is its proximity to many green features in the region. A part of Tengah’s geothermal energy program is the construction of the Earth City Green Park, an 8 km long green belt located within the boundaries of the national nature reserve. The park has many green features like waterfalls, bird sanctuaries, and wetlands. It also has walking tracks, nature paths, and playgrounds, which encourage residents and visitors to take time out to enjoy the natural environment. Because the Tengah Environmental Enhancement Program contributes about 30% of the gross domestic product of Singapore, this small town has a healthy economy that continues to prosper even when other towns in the region experience economic slowdown.

If you want a taste of Tengah’s natural beauty, you can visit the Earth City Environmental Park, which is located within the district. Upon completion of the park district, this land will be open for public use. You can walk through the grounds and take a walking tour through the forest-covered mountains. In fact, upon completion, the district will have the most comprehensive green space anywhere in Singapore, with more than two thousand trees spread across the whole area.

If you want to experience the unique charm and lifestyle of a small-town Singapore, you should definitely consider living in Tengah, the county’s new town. Tengah will allow you to live right at the heart of Singapore, while still preserving its history and lifestyle. With a variety of different housing options and convenient locations, Tengah promises a lifestyle that combines modern amenities with traditional values. Contact a real estate agent today to find out more about Tengah and how it can meet your life goals.

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