Storage racks in Singapore


Store racks are one of the essential things for your storeroom since they provide ample space for storing some of the less frequently used items in an orderly and secure manner. We are going to discuss various types of tacks that are especially suitable for your needs and your budget here in Singapore. Please see the latest designs for storage rags in Penrose showflat. Penrose is the latest development by City Developments Limited and is for sale soon. Penrose is located at Sims Drive.

Types of storeroom racks.

Standard boltless rectangle storeroom rack. Are you looking for a standard unit for your storage rack and bomb shelters? The standard boltless rectangle storeroom is the best for you. It comes with a 4 or 5 tier shelving that ensures maximum storage capacity for your needs.

L-shape Boltless Storeroom Rack. It is one of the common BTOs choices that has a door on either left or right, unlike the conventional ones that come with their doors in the middle of the storeroom. It is a made up of joining two standard rectangle racks but with a modified feature that makes it possible to remove the Centre pole.

Boltless U-shape storeroom rack. It is particularly suitable for those storerooms with the middle door. It is because it maximises all the available space while at the same time providing an easy to access techniques of accessing your stored items. It has similar features to the L-shaped storeroom rack only that features three rectangle racks.

What are the differences between boltless and bolt racks?

Most storage racks in the past used to rely on bolts, particularly for support and stabilisation of the load. However, with modern innovations and technological advancement, it has become possible to come up with boltless alternatives. A boltless storeroom rack has advantages over the bolted one such as

  • It is easy to install hence flexible to move with it from one place to another.
  • It has a bigger storage capacity. Accordingly, it can hold more and more weight and remain stable
  • No maintenance required at all.

What is the difference between plywood and metal shelves? The difference between plywood and metal shelves differs from one type of storeroom brand supplier to another here in Singapore. However, they have no significant load capacity differences, but with other companies, the load capacity and durability may differ significantly with that from Singapore standards. It is, therefore, to enquire from your supplier about the storeroom rack you are interested in buying. For instance, the SgShelving’s brands of boltless storeroom racks have been designed to last longer, sturdy, and higher storage capacity.

Many customers have been giving positive reviews primarily due to punctuality in delivery and ease of installation. Also, customer care services and after-sales services are quite recommendable and reliable at all times.

SIM WIN LIANG is the best, and the leading manufacturer of storage solutions space with over three decades of experience in manufacturing and distributions of high quality. They also have official distributions channels of their Metalsistem Italy that are evidence of their high quality products. Our lacks have been manufactured and tested according to the EN10204 standards hence assuring our customers 100% of durable products.


It was established about 15 years ago, and this Storerooms Rack manufacturer and distributor have increased mainly due to the high customer satisfaction and countless referrals. The company has provided storeroom racks of various types and sizes, ranging from those of more prominent entities such as government storerooms to HDB owners. What makes our storeroom racks unique from those of others is that our white boltless racks are fixable using the 4 to 6 shelf tires.


Yee Sin Storage is proud to be in the manufacturing and distribution of quality storeroom racks since 1984. It has gained popularity as the leading supplier of the best storage racks in every part of Singapore and beyond. They have numerous types of storeroom solutions such as Boltless rack, both Plywood and Metal, Bolted rack (Plywood option only), and Boltless standard duty rack Plywood. Your racks can also be customised according to your unique needs.


We specialise in providing specialised and reasonably priced L-shaped boltless racks that we believe are not only the most environmentally friendly but also safest varieties as compared to the rest. Each tier is made of sturdy material so that it can support over 400 kg of materials.


Established seven years ago and since it has gained command in the market mainly due to its multi-functional storage options. The seven years of experience have sharpened its skills in the manufacturing of fabricated and high quality store racks all over Singapore.

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