Privacy Policy

The primary purpose of the information collected is to help us improve our services and therefore provide the most relevant, reliable, and accurate information to our users. It also helps us to offer meaningful advertising and editorial content in addition to helping us protect, maintain, and improve the overall safety of our site. For instance, when you accept (i) our exclusive offers, (ii) subscribe to our electronic newsletters and or receive business opportunity information or franchise from some of our selected advertisements, we can proceed and use your information since we already have your consent.

Comments on Website

Also, you may leave some comments or submit questions regarding certain editorial content, and in such a case, we will process your requests accordingly. While preparing your information, we may collect, store, and use some of your personal information such as your Zip code, email address, telephone number, among others. Such information enables us to give customised information meant for you individually.

Your Learning Profile

We many use your E Learning Mag Website Profile name across multiple services that you seek, which are obtained from the E Learning Mag Website account. We can also replace the old names in your E Learning Mag Website account to ensure an accurate representation of your information.

We retain a record of communication when you contact E Learning Mag Website, and this helps us in solving any challenges you could be encountering with our services and also help with legal claims. We maintain these records for a period not exceeding six years. We may also use your email as long as we have your consent to use it to inform you about our services, such as the upcoming changes and recent improvements done in our sites.

Information on Cookies and Tags

We process the information obtained from cookies and pixel tags to improve the overall quality of services as well as the user’s experience. Users have options of either accepting or rejecting cookies sent or resetting the browser to clear all cookies captured.

We may give whole or part of your information to the third parties by the following circumstances of sections 3 to 10. We do not monitor our service users’ information across third-party which means we are passive in responding “DNT” (Do Not Track signals).

Government Disclosure

We work according to the set Privacy Shield Framework (EU-U.S) as established and fixed by the Federal government (U.S. Department of Commerce?) in the regulation of gathering, retention and usage of personal information shared by (“EU”) European Union and (“U.S.”) the United States.

You can terminate an additional gathering of your personal information right now.

Below are some reasons why we may share your personal information.

• To alert a potential advertiser or other agency that you have access to our website hence solicit a bid for an advertising opportunity.

• To blend some of your browsing habits, among other data collected to help us when customising ads that are particularly relevant to you.

• To improve or build a new profile about you using your browsing habits. Such a pattern is useful to online marketing agencies, insurance companies, credit scoring, among others.

• To identify your browsing habits hence determine whether you are the right person to show ads by specifying your social media influence, income bracket, age and gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political leaning, religion, among others.

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